Pharmacy Leadership Institute

The pace of change in health care is rapid, but perhaps no sector is experiencing evolution as quickly as the field of pharmacy. Pharmacy leaders are essential to a well functioning health care system. They are responsible for developing, implementing, managing and collaborating on many complex services and activities which contribute to the quality, efficient and cost-effective performance of health care systems -- from medication therapy management, formulary management and drug information systems, regulatory compliance, patient safety, pharmacy operations, personnel management and on-going education and succession planning.

Unfortunately, even the best health care practitioners are rarely prepared for the challenges of moving into leadership, and many pharmacy leaders today do not have the tools and resources they need to adequately address these demands. Both the development of the pipeline of leaders in pharmacy and adequately equipping the current cadre of managers and leaders are critical to the greater mission of transforming health care.
In 2003, the UCSF School of Pharmacy and the UCSF Center for the Health Professions partnered to create the Pharmacy Leadership Institute. The Institute’s activities are devoted to developing new leaders in pharmacy and empowering these leaders with the skills, information and professional networks needed to lead health systems, hospitals, and pharmacies.
Institute Goals

  • Develop and provide training programs in leadership development to care systems, hospitals, retail chains and health plans that advance the skills of pharmacy leaders, managers and practitioners in the context of improving the practice of pharmacy and health systems outcomes.
  • Advance research on pharmacy leadership, including the challenges pharmacy leaders face, the skills, resources and tools which can help them address these challenges, as well as the outcomes of the educational programs to develop leadership skills.
  • Provide an online pharmacy leadership resource center offering continued opportunities for development for every Pharmacy Leader - with up-to-date information, research and networks.


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Chi Chi Ly Inpatient Pharmacy Director
No Image Julie Wong Pharmacy Manager
Patrick Patrick Kerrigan Inpatient Pharmacy Supervisor
No Image Timothy Sayles Director
No Image Glenn Yokoyama Assistant Professor
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