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Courage, Collaboration, and Impact

The accelerating pace of change in health care creates a great urgency to act in order to meet the challenge of delivering accessible, effective, and efficient care. As these changes swirl around us, generated by our actions and organizations, it is important to stay focused on the values guiding our work. Learn More »


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Where Change Happens--Improving Mental and Behavioral Health Countywide

I love sitting at the table with elected officials, homeless providers, mental health consumers, county staff, and residents to strategize around homelessness or substance abuse. That's where change happens--when you get everyone at the table invested in solving community issues together.

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California’s Health Care Workforce: Readiness for the ACA Era

Author: Timothy Bates, Lisel Blash, Susan Chapman, Catherine Dower, Ed O'Neil

REPORT: This report explores the current and future capacity of California’s health care workforce to meet the challenges of implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).