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Resilience in a Time of Change

Author: Sunita Mutha

These days nearly every conversation ends up being about change; how much change is going on, how unpredictable and unsettling it is, all the opportunities that are arising, and how great the need is to find ways to navigate the change. This month’s newsletter is full of examples... Learn More »


leadership highlight

Blazing the Trail with Health IT

Dr. Peter Alperin reflects on his leadership journey into what was previously uncharted territory, first as a hospitalist, and then as a leader in health IT..."Sometimes you have to realize that 'no' just means they can't see it yet."

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Leadership Development: A Critical Need in the Dental Safety Net

Author: Angela Marks, Elizabeth Mertz

Issue Brief: This research brief presents a qualitative assessment of the leadership training needs of dental directors from community health centers in California.